Unnamed Fiasco Team
Based in Niterói, Brazil

Release date:
August 17th, 2016

PC / Mac / Linux (Steam)
Xbox One


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An epic battle between an old lady with a moustache and a lucha libre baby fighter is about to unfold. Unnamed Fiasco is a competitive local multiplayer game where your mistakes can actually help you. Every time your character dies during a match, a new clone is created to help you by repeating your past lives movements and actions. Hit piñatas to collect power-ups and face the minute madness that completely changes the match flow. Fight on top of an old Mayan temple, a crowded bullring, a laboratory with deadly lasers and more. Face your friends on intense couch multiplayer matches or go solo on tons of action-puzzle challenges with online leaderboard.


Unnamed Fiasco started as a prototype after a game jam with theme "limited color palette" early in 2014. The idea, based on the jam's theme was to make the player explore the different weapon colors to get the correct weapon that may damage the opponents. This lead to a gameplay unlike the typical arena shooter and added a new strategy layer where the player has to collect the correct shards and sometimes even discard his weapon to get a different one when the opponent has a shield. From this basic premise, we started adding new features to make the game more engaging and the matches more dynamic. We added a clone mode, in which whenever the player dies, a clone is created to help him mimicking his previous life actions, the minute madness, which randomly enables various match modifiers, and usable itens to gain certain advantages or affect the opponents.


  • 2-4 players local multiplayer: Play locally with up to 4 players on various multiplayer modes.
  • Multiplayer modes: Face your friends on the multiplayer that modes includes Deathmatch, Capture the Flag, Dog Tag, Treasure Hunt and Police Chase.
  • Multiplayer maps: Play on 24 multiplayer maps across six different map themes, including Temple, Bullring, Laboratory, Daycare and more.
  • Singleplayer challenges: Face more than 40 singleplayer challenges that will require both skill, fast-thinking and puzzle-solving.
  • Let your past lives help you: Everytime you die, a clone is created to help you by repeating you past lives movements and actions. Plan ahead and use it in your advantage.
  • Collect items to increase your winning changes: Weapon jammers, jetpacks, mines, golden guns, shields and many more items are available to help you face your opponents.
  • It's time for a minute madness: To add some spice, minute madness randomly enables match modifiers such as low/high gravity, inverted controls, grenade rain, noir/pixelated/blurry vision, and more. This can greatly change the matches' pacing and turn the battle in your advantage (or against you!).
  • An unique character roster: Play as an old lady with a moustache, a raging bull, a lucha-libre baby fighter, a hipster robot or a charming bull fighter.
  • Multi-language support: Unnamed Fiasco is fully localized to English, Portuguese, Spanish, French, Dutch and Russian!


PC and Xbox One Launch trailer YouTube

E3 Annoucement Trailer YouTube

Singleplayer Gameplay Demo YouTube

Old Game Trailer YouTube


download all screenshots & photos as .zip (12MB)
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About Unnamed Fiasco Team

About Unnamed Fiasco Team.

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Unnamed Fiasco Credits

Christian Ruff
Programmer, Game Designer

Diego Barboza
Programmer, Game Designer

Giancarlo Taveira
Programmer, Game Designer

João Bentes
Programmer, Game Designer

David Siqueira

Tom Stracke

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